I understand design to contribute towards a better world.

And I like gradients. 

variety of clients from boutiques and start-ups to major brands. I'm a big believer in the UX process and have hands-on experience applying UX principles to solve user & business problems and create unique and satisfying user experiences.

Besides the conventional aspects of design as good form and aesthetic, I’m especially motivated by solutions making life truly easier and better by the approach of less is more.


Contribution & consultation in order to build up a platform all around health.


Real estate acquisition solutions. Mobile app design for iOS & Android.

#Freelance Project

Design of a platform for local messenger service. Containing customer website & app for courier.


In this post I write about the processes and methods of my work.


By introducing the homescreen and new push notifications for iOS and Android we started the way from pull to push.


As ImmobilienScout24 is constantly improving the iOS and Android App we redesigned the whole result map from ground up.


Drivva brings all car and scooter sharing providers of Berlin and other german cities together in one app.


We worked on this thing for ages already. It’s a Doodle for the stuff everybody brings to an event.