Hi, I'm Robbin, a UX Designer based in Berlin. I have about 10 years of experience & no percentage bar in my resume.

Worked with a variety of clients, from boutiques and start-ups to major brands. Currently working for ImmobilienScout24.

Big believer in the UX process and have hands-on experience applying UX principles to solve user & business problems and create unique and satisfying user experiences. (Surprise, surprise)

Experience in design thinking and agile and lean processes. Passion in problem-solving, empathy, thinking like a user and in questioning and challenging current conditions. Besides the conventional aspects of design as good form and aesthetic, I’m especially motivated by solutions making life truly easier and better by the approach of less is more. A product with a clear purpose and a design obvious, simple and intuitive to deliver the most efficient interaction to the user.c

Increasing consumer satisfaction on commercial result list. 


- iOS human interface guidelines
- Material Design (Android)
- Mobile- & Webdesign
- Sketch, Figma, Abstract, Miro, InVision
- Balsamiq, Jira & co
- Post-it’s, Pen & Paper
- Kanban & Scrum
- Rapid Prototyping
- Visual-, interaction- & motion design
- Lean & agile design processes
- Research & usability testing
- User interviews & focus groups
- Design Thinking
- Ideation & concept workshop facilitation

Drivva brings all car and scooter sharing providers of Berlin and other german cities together in one app.

In this post I write about the processes and methods of my work.

By introducing the home screen and new push notifications for iOS and Android we started the way from pull to push.

New and relevant content to the user without any effort required by them.

Contribution & consultation in order to build up a platform all around health.