User Experience & Product Designer based in Berlin.

Design of a platform for local messenger service. Containing customer website & app for courier.

2018 · Freelance

Customer Website

I’ve designed the responsive website for customers. Here the user can chose where a parcel has to be picked up and where it has to go. He can set times, give details about addresses and size of the parcel. 

Courier driver app

The other side of the myparcelservice is the courier app. Here the courier can see a list of all open and available orders. He sees most relevant info right in the list of orders: Distance from current location, distance to go to deliver, earning for this order, time of pickup and deliver and the addresses.

By clicking on a order, the courier gets to a detail page where he can see more details, like size and more. Here the order can be taken. 

Other parts of the app are containing, login, registration and settings. 

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